Spain and Portugal
September 16 - October 4, 2014

The next day I moved over to the Hotel Tryp Ambassador. As it was early and our rooms were not ready, I paid a few euros extra and was able to check-in right away into an upgraded room that was spacious and, again, very quiet. The hotel is close to the Opera House, the Royal Palace and the Opera metro station. This was the only hotel on the trip that still used an old-fashioned key system where you turn in your clunky key when going out and pick it up again when returning. You don't see much of that any more. This hotel offered, IMHO, the best buffet breakfast.
I didn't know what to expect from Madrid and I was pleasantly surprised. The city was full of energy and people were out and about at all hours. The architecture reminded me of Paris with beautiful buildings adorned with wrought iron balconies. Lots of green spaces sprinkled throughout the city. Four nights were not enough for Madrid.