Thursday, September 25

At 8:00 am there was noise outside.  How exciting! -- they are setting up a flea market in the square right outside our window!  It turned out that this was more than a mere flea market.  The area in front of the hotel is filled with antiques, or at least old stuff.  The streets leading to the daily market and beyond are filled with stalls -- people selling all kinds of merchandise.  This was right up our alley.  By the way, don't miss the daily market if you're in this area.  It's open in the mornings Monday through Saturday; the rest of the day it becomes a parking lot.

Following lunch we drove west and in less than an hour we were in Eze.  Eze is much like St. Paul de Vence, but without the tourists; or perhaps that's because we arrived at 3:45 pm.  I like that the Europeans tell time the way they do.  It makes more sense to me to use 13:00 for 1:00 pm.
The pastry shops are killing me.  This area may not be the place to order pasta, but they certainly know how to bake.  I'm drinking a lot of water -- mineral water, no gas.  One day I bought a bottle of mint-flavored water -- a bit weird and didn't taste very good.  I'm eating as if I've never seen food before.  It's a good thing I'm getting so much exercise.  Eze required some climbing, but only about 10 minute's worth.  I'm definitely slowing down.  Poor Maritza -- I ran the lady ragged the first week; what a trouper.
That night we ate at Au Pied dans le Plat (it literally means "the feet in the plate").  It was an adorable restaurant and the food was excellent.  The restaurant was so tiny, I think it's smaller than our room.  It was the cozy decor that made it so appealing.
Saturday, September 27

All good things must come to an end, and it's time for us to pack up and head least until next year.
Friday, September 26

Today was a sort of kick-back day where we wandered the town and just relaxed.