Monday, November 25, continued

In Tokyo we had a remote landing and had to walk down a flight of stairs, in the rain, to be bused to the terminal.  Neither of us checked bags and this made for delicate maneuvering down wet steps with our luggage. At the Narita terminal we again had a personal escort to the first class lounge where they offer an interesting selection of food including sushi. There were two computers with free internet service. The bathroom, however, was the most interesting aspect. Next to the toilets are panels where you can select buttons for "high," "medium," or "low" sprays to wash yourself -- spray or massage jets -- and the seats are warmed. I encountered this once before at a hotel in Hawaii that caters to a Japanese clientele.

Had a One Suite again for the flight from Tokyo to Bangkok on a 777.  This flight was 6-1/2 hours.  More food: a noodle dish with shrimp, chicken and vegetables.  It was raining when we landed in Bangkok at 11:20 p.m. on Monday (losing a day crossing the dateline) and again had a remote landing.

Once we cleared customes (just a few moments) we stopped at a limo desk and hired a car and driver, prepaid 650 baht (the baht was going for 43 to the dollar, so about $15).  We were escorted to a Volvo for the 30-minute drive into the city.  Our driver did not know how to get to our hotel, and we stopped twice to ask for directions and fill up the gas tank.  It was a bit like being on the "Amazing Race" where the contestants are at the mercy of their cab drivers.