This is a continuation of a trip I took with Maritza in September 2003, starting with five nights in Paris.
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This was our second morning flight -- ugh!  Our taxi arrived at 6:00 am in Paris to take us to CDG -- the cost was 45 euros (it cost $1.11 for a euro on this trip).  It was a Saturday morning with light traffic.

Upon arriving at our hotel in Venice we unpacked and ventured out for a spaghetti lunch, splitting up afterwards to wander the city until early evening.

When book the trip I did not realize we would be in Venice on a busy weekend.  We arrived on the last day of a major international film festival and the day before an historical regatta.  The city was packed.  It took a while to find my way to an area that was not exploding with people or shops.  I don't remember Venice having so many shops -- there must be thousands of them selling glass, masks and paper products, and I don't think I'm overstating the situation.  It's a good thing we like to shop!  And what's with those guys selling knock-off handbags from the street?
Late in the evening of our first day Maritza got a call from her husband telling her that her mother had a heart attack and was in the hospital.  Delta was great and changed her airline ticket with no hassle or charge, and she went home the next morning.  (Maritza's mom was released from the hospital several days later.)  We were up at 5:00 am to catch a water taxi (along the lines of a limo, but on water) to the airport (cost: 80 euros).

I was now on my own and feeling a bit blue.  The last time I was in Venice I tried taking the #5 motor bus from the airport and thought I'd try it again.  Oops...it filled up along the way with locals headed into the city for the festivities and it took a long time to reach the bus terminal.  Think sardines.  I just looked at it as a great "local" experience.