We spent the day walking around the city, took a horse-drawn carriage ride and a canal boat ride.  Of the two rides I preferred the canal boat as it was more peaceful and we saw more of the beautiful architecture.  If you take the ride, try to sit at the front of the boat.  We sat toward the back and some rude people kept standing up in front of us to take photographs.  The horse-drawn carriage ride was through busy streets with cars and buses in front and behind us.  In the evening I watched just a bit of the British copy of "Survivor" on TV.
Friday:   We visited the Church of My Lady to see the Michelangelo statue, Madonna and Child.  The church is beautiful, and we spent almost an hour there.
From there we took the bus to Damme, a small town about 20 minutes away from Brugge.  There is not much there.  We visited the church, had lunch at one of the small restaurants lining the main street and took the bus back.  The plan was to take the boat between Damme and Brugge but it was too chilly.
Pictured below is a restaurant near the Egmond Hotel.  We had lunch at a lovely lakeside table.