In the early evening we went to Mont Sainte-Odile, a monastery high up on a hill.  The view was amazing.  As you look out you see fields with small villages dotting the landscape, each one with a tall church steeple -- like something out of a storybook.
TUESDAY:   This was the day I was waiting for -- my main reason for this trip was to visit the Alsace region and see the charming architecture of the old walled cities.  We visited Riquewihr, Ribeauville,and Kaysersberg.  As pretty as it is, the area appears to me to be a little like "Napa Valley Meets Disneyland."  This was especially true as we took the "Petit Train," a tram ride through Ribeauville.  One of my traveling companions works for Disney, and I'm not sure she appreciated the reference.
We got to Riquewihr early before the tour buses, and it was a good thing as the city is small. After wandering the cobbled streets one of the ladies made the shopkeepers at the Christmas Store very happy.
The towns are well prepared for tourists and parking is easy.  Ribeauville is much larger than Riquewihr with more shops and restaurants.  Kaysersberg is the smallest of the three.  The architecture in all three towns is similar -- timbered houses brightly painted with various colors, flowerboxes on the windows.  The streets are very narrow and there was many a missed photo opp due to inappropriate light.